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International Television Association

El Paso Festival Committee

City of Phoenix Parks & Recreations

United Way

Juneteenth Tradition Inc.

Maricopa County Sheriff Department

Arizona King Day Celebration

Phoenix Medical Society

Black Women Task Force

VIP Productions

Phoenix OIC

Top Ladies of Distinction

YWCA of the U.S.A.

KTVK Channel 3

Southwest Airlines

B.E.T. Television

Fox Sports

Indian Rehab

Joy Productions

Kraft Foods

E. B. Lane


Mill Ave Merchants


Quorum International

Goldberg & Osborne

Inner Health Chiropractic

United Negro College Fund




Northwest Productions

Walt Disney Television

Southwest Productions

Desert Video

Sunbelt SCENIC

Pro Video

Super Events International

Centerline Studios

Cox Cable

Black Family and Child Services





Thunderbird (producer / technical director / distant learning broadcasts)

Honeywell                                                  (producer / technical director)

Intel                                                  (camera / technical director / audio)

Cox Cable                                                      (producer / director / editor)

KTVK Channel 3                                                            (lighting / camera) VIP Productions                                                            (lighting / staging)

Northwest Productions                                                  (camera operator)

Southwest Productions                                                  (camera operator)

Desert Video                                                       (production coordinator)

Sunbelt Scenic                                                              (audio technician)

Pro Video                                                                           (audio / gaffer)

YWCA of the U.S.A.            (media manager / producer / director / editor)

Joy Productions                   (video coordinator / camera operator / audio)

Monsoon Enterprises           (video coordinator / camera operator / audio)

B.E.T. Television                  (video production / camera operator / audio)

Walt Disney Television                                      (video production / gaffer)



Editing: Final cut pro HD, Media 100, Postbox, Avid Express, Avid media composer and Avid Symphony.

Producing: Network TV, Cable TV, Corporate & educational satellite broadcast.

Directing: Training / Corporate tapes, Commercials, TV shows, Music Videos.

Audio Production: Live stage sound, Recording studio and field, Cubase 5.0, Sound Forge 5.0.

Management: Personnel, Productions, Sales and Marketing

Build Set & lighting designs.



Computers: Win 2000/NT PC & Mac, Microsoft office, After Effects, Streaming technology, CD/DVD Authoring.

Cameras: HD, SD, DV, Sony Digital, BTS/Phillips, Ikegami, JVC and Panasonic.

Video Switchers: Globe Caster, Grass Valley, Sony, and Panasonic.

Video Recorders: Sony, Panasonic, and JVC.

Projection: CRT’s, LCD’s, and DLT’s

Digital Effects: After Effects, Abekas, Pinnacle, and Quantel.


Audio Recorders: Nagra, Otari, Tascan, Mackie, and Soundcraft.


The Best Video Production Jobs


Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Cardinals, NBA all-star Weekend, Super Bowl XXX, BET, Herbie Hancock, Duke Ellington Orchestra, Four Tops, Georgio, Chi Lites, Temptations, B.B. King, C.C.


RAVP TV, Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Cardinals, Phoenix NAACP Banquet, Robert Townsent, cRc Productions, JHT Productions, KMJK Radio, Tub-Son Productions, Black Entertainment Television, Thunderbird School of International Management and West Grand Media.


Ramsey Lewis, Watts Summer Festival, Kool and the Gang, Black Fest, Robert Townsent, Big Surf Summer Hip-Hop party, Berry Bonds, Juneteenth Festival 1975 through 1998, Mike Tyson, Angela Bassett, Southwest Airlines Cultural Festival 1995 through 1997, Scottsdale Jazz Festival.


The YWCA of the USA. (Robert Townsent, Coretta Scott King, Ebony Fas1hion fair 89, 92, 96 and 97), Tony Brown, Jesse Jackson, Berry Bonds, Mike Tyson, Angela Bassett, Four Tops, Georgio, Chi Lites, Temptations, B.B. King, C.C. Penterston, Immature, RAVP TV.


RAVP's Home Audio RAVP Studios Video