RAVP’s History

How It Started – Where We’re Headed

RAVP has been in business since 1976. I started purchasing equipment with paychecks from my job as an electrician, a job I held for 15 years. I videotaped pageants, festivals, theater productions, weddings, fashion shows, and radio and television promotions.

I soon realized I needed to find an outlet to show all these videos, so I contacted TV stations without any luck. But I didn’t give up. When cable came to Phoenix, I negotiated with Store Cable/Camelback Cable to lease channel 150 in Glendale and 32 in Phoenix. For the next four years, my videos appeared on these channels along with programming that I contracted from Black Entertainment Television (BET). I produced four hours of content to start then, when BET went to eight hours, RAVP went to six hours.

RAVP began this venture into cable TV on June 1, 1981 airing programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our programming consisted of: Community Calendars, News, Sports, Movies, Cartoons, Music Videos, Gospel programs, Soap Operas, Family hours, Cooking and Exercise shows, Beauty and Health tips, and Music Specials.

RAVP has recently expanded into Events and Rentals. We are excited to help our clients stage events that will be enjoyed and remembered. It’s just another way RAVP is contributing to our community.

Steven Rideau



RAVP jams

The show combined music and television, providing information and entertainment to the viewer.


What’s Up AZ

The show was designed to educate, entertain, and inform valley residents about “What’s Up” in Arizona. Everything from A to Z.


Yo’ Fish

The show was about fishing through the eyes of an African American in the modern southwest.